inclusive chic

An interview with… Inclusive Chic

#InclusiveChic have two leading ladies behind the very successful Instagram account that we see filled with innovative and ‘chic’ accessible interior design! Find out more about this fantastic duo read on.


An interview with… Skylarks

Skylarks are an amazing charity providing activities and therapies for children with disabilities and additional needs. They are also a finalist in the Community Support category for this years’ BAPS Awards.

Mrs H

An interview with… Mrs H

A finalist in the Truth About SEND category of the BAPS Awards, here Mrs H tells us a bit more about herself and her blog H2Au: the stuff of our life.

Chris Bonello

An interview with… Chris Bonello

A finalist in the Blog Post with Biggest Impact category of the BAPS Awards, Chris’s post ‘50 pieces of advice from an autistic adult, written for autistic children’ resonated with so many readers. Here, he talks about what drives him to write and dazzles us with his Rubik’s cube skills!

Yvonne T

An interview with… Yvonne T

From honesty about autism to expressive artwork made by her talented son, find out about BAPS Awards Newcomer finalist, Yvonne T.

Helen Fores

An interview with… Helen Fores

It’s always exciting to hear about new bloggers on the block and this finalist in the Newcomer category of the BAPS Awards is no exception.

An ex teacher who has invested her expertise into helping support pupils with sensory and additional needs, meet Helen Fores.

James Hunt

An interview with… James Hunt

Meet James from Stories About Autism. Finalist in this years Making a Difference category of the BAPS Awards.

By raising autism awareness and promoting understanding, James uses his corner of the internet to capture the highs and lows of parenting plus everything in between.

Made Possible author Saba and her sister Raana, credited to Maya Gould

Made Possible; an interview with the editor

The release of a new book Made Possible has the potential to help create change by challenging narratives and shattering lazy stereotypes surrounding people with a learning disability.

Nikki holt

An interview with… Nikki Holt

Nikki is one half of the team behind Makaton with Lucinda (Lucinda being the other!), a lovely vlog posting a sign a day.

Christine McGuinness

An interview with… Christine McGuinness

For obvious reasons, we’ve had to postpone the BAPS Awards, but this has given us some time to get to know our finalists a bit better in our regular Q&A feature. This time, it’s the turn of our lovely host Christine McGuinness.

Lizzie Murphy

An interview with… Lizzie Murphy

In this week’s interview, we chat with Lizzie Murphy, finalist in the Travel and Accessibility category.

Lizzie is mum to two boys with additional needs and her blog, A Curious Journey – Travelling the spectrum, is all about travelling, holidays and days out.

An interview with… Steph Curtis

Steph is a finalist in the Blog Post with Biggest Impact category. Her post ‘Everyday challenges with PDA’ gave an honest insight into what living with the condition can really be like, starting with a routine trip to the dentist and ending in tears and meltdowns.

Danielle and her children

Living with PDA in lockdown

As a single parent, coping with the restrictions of lockdown feels tough enough. The difficulties we face getting shopping or essential chores done when flying solo can feel like a
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