Aiofa Casson talks boundaries

Boundaries: the boldest form of self-care

30th March 2021

This week marks World Autism Awareness Week (29th March-4th April) and MFON columnist, Aoife Casson, who shares her open and honest accounts of living with Asperger’s, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia,
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Vaccinations and young people with SEND

This week, the news was announced that 12 to 15 year olds in England will be invited to have one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. MFON columnist Carly Jones MBE shares her views on vaccination for young people with SEND and
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Getting back to ‘normal’

As society begins to emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic, MFON columnist, Carly Jones MBE, shares insights into her life and what ‘getting back to normal’ looks like for a
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Art therapy and lockdown

MFON monthly columnist, Carly Jones MBE, shares a walking tour of a centre in Berkshire which delivers art therapy support for young people with autism. The centre has remained open
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A Christmas like no other

Happy New Year fellow parents and carers. How was your Christmas? How are you feeling entering 2021? Are you relieved that 2020 is over and excited for what a new
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Teaching self-love and being savvy

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers, mothers, fathers and caregivers alike. When your world consists of being responsible for someone spectacular who relies on you for the kind of
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The value of a diagnosis

Time and time again one of the most common questions parents ask me is ‘Why should I seek an autism diagnosis for my child?’ The concerns parents have are often
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Sex, screenings and inclusion

How is everyone’s September going? Kids’ back to school, college or home ed duties ramping up again? I hear you. I am writing to you after taking a break from
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