Lizzie Murphy

An interview with… Lizzie Murphy

In this week’s interview, we chat with Lizzie Murphy, finalist in the Travel and Accessibility category.

Lizzie is mum to two boys with additional needs and her blog, A Curious Journey – Travelling the spectrum, is all about travelling, holidays and days out.

An interview with… Steph Curtis

Steph is a finalist in the Blog Post with Biggest Impact category. Her post ‘Everyday challenges with PDA’ gave an honest insight into what living with the condition can really be like, starting with a routine trip to the dentist and ending in tears and meltdowns.

Danielle and her children

Living with PDA in lockdown

As a single parent, coping with the restrictions of lockdown feels tough enough. The difficulties we face getting shopping or essential chores done when flying solo can feel like a
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Coronavirus and equipment essentials

Recent coronavirus coverage in the news has included the national shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), whilst Public Health England has recently updated its guidance on the use of PPE
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Can we hope for a pandemic of empathy?

The coronavirus outbreak has seen non-disabled people begin to experience just some of the barriers that people with long-term conditions face on a daily basis.


Epilepsy and me

Today is International Epilepsy Day, which is the chance to raise greater awareness of an often misunderstood condition. To tell us about how epilepsy has not only affected her life
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Sarah with her family

World Down Syndrome Day 2019

Yesterday evening, after the chaos of teatime and as I was manically tidying up the mess, the kids were playing around me. I’d only popped out to dispose of a
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Autism and stimming

Chances are that if your child is autistic and you’ve read up on it, you would have come across something called stimming. But what actually is it? Is it something
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Aimee and her son freddie

Rare Disease Day 2019

Today is Rare Disease Day and events are taking place up and down the country to raise awareness of the impact of rare diseases. Here, Aimee Mann tells us what
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