Sequence Care Group support young people and adults who have learning or mental health needs or autism.

We have specialised supported living homes and residential homes across London and the South East.

At Sequence Care Group, we have our own skilled multi-disciplinary teams who work in each of the homes. These teams include Positive Behaviour specialists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists. Moreover, we have extensive experience supporting young people and their families who are preparing and undertaking the step in adult social care. We understand that this can be an uncertain and challenging time. As a result of having our multi-disciplinary teams we are able to support the seamless continuation of work undertaken with young people whilst they are in education or a children’s residential service. This continuity is of significant benefit to each young person at a time when they require additional support and consideration.

Furthermore, we have a purpose built 16-18 year old supported living service in High Wycombe and a range of adult services with a younger adult peer group present. These adult services are a mixture of supported living homes and residential homes. The size and design of all the homes are unique and therefore allow for a range of complex needs to be met.

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Please call Mark Horton on 07884588761 for all enquiries or email him at

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