PDA Action Day 2018 - words used to describe people with PDA

It is PDA Action Day 2018 and the PDA Society is undertaking a number of events to raise awareness of PDA amongst healthcare professionals.


PDA Protest

PDA Society has organised a London Protest. A recent parent petition seeking to ‘raise awareness of PDA amongst healthcare professionals’ gained over 11,000 signatures, sufficient for the Government to issue a response.

The team behind the petition has organised a peaceful protest in London on PDA Action Day 15th May – the focus will be a call to action for local clinical commissioning groups to recognise the PDA profile of autism and address the points raised in the PDA Society’s survey.

The protesters will meet at the Nelson Mandela statue in Parliament Square at 1pm, with speeches by Sally Russell OBE, Libby Hill Speech and Language Consultant and parent Cassie Davies at 1.30pm in Abingdon Square Garden, before moving on to the Department of Health and Social Care at 39 Victoria Street.

Positive PDA

The PDA Society’s theme for PDA Action Day 2018 is Positive PDA. Most of what is written about PDA focuses on the challenges and difficulties of living and working with this complex profile of autism. Whilst this is, of course, the daily reality for many people, it’s also important to remember the positives, even if the ‘breaks in the clouds’ are only infrequent.

The PDA Society has collated a series of resources – from words of encouragement that delegates at our recent conference shared to a celebration of the PDA community with descriptions of positive PDA characteristics and achievements (see image above).

Are you celebrating PDA Action Day 2018? Share your day with us @weareMFONFacebook or email hello@myfamilyourneeds.co.uk.