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Ahead of BAPS Awards nominations opening on Friday 5th October, we thought we’d share a little about some of this year’s BAPS Awards winners. Meet The PDA Society and the great work they do for families of children with pathological demand avoidance.

The PDA Society was thrilled and honoured to win the 2017 BAPS Award for Best Practical Support for Parents.

The PDA Society started out as a parent support group – parents supporting other parents with similar experiences – and this remains at the very heart of everything we do. All our trustees and volunteers are parents to children or young adults with PDA.

Our primary aim is to try to achieve better outcomes for people with PDA and our main focus is on providing information, support and training for parents, carers, teachers and individuals with PDA.

Many parents talk about a ‘lightbulb moment’ when they find out about PDA and the relief of discovering an explanation for their children’s challenges or complex presentations.

Through our website forum, training courses and our active Facebook page, parents feel a strong sense of community and ‘finding their tribe’, together with the confidence to parent in a way that works for their children, even if this is contrary to all the advice they’ve been given to date!

We support around 125 parents, adults and health/education professionals a month in a supportive, caring and confidential manner via email and phone. The PDA Society enquiry line volunteers find this role very rewarding, with parents they’ve been in touch with often saying things like ‘you’ve moved my understanding on light years in just one phone call’ or ‘one email from you has been more helpful and insightful than 3 years of appointments and assessments.’

We are really proud that the PDA Society has been recognised for being such a practical support to parents, as this really is our raison d’être.

Nominations open on 5th October for the BAPS Awards 2018.