Policy piece

Guidance for practitioners supporting young people through transition.

Building independence through planning for transition is a quick guide for practitioners supporting young people as they go through transition. The guide has been published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Transition to adults’ services can be a difficult time for young people. They need support and reassurance to help them move on to a more independent life.

This quick guide explains how early planning and access to the right information can help young people and their families to make the right choices. It will be of interest to all practitioners who support young people as they move from children’s to adults’ services.

Areas covered include:

  • Planning for transition: what to think about.
  • Being fully involved in the transition.
  • Having the right information.
  • Further topics to look into.

Transition Quality Guidance

In December 2016, NICE published a new Quality Standard for Transition from children’s to adults’ services. That Quality Standard was incorporated into a NICE pathway on the same subject.

Quick guides, developed jointly by NICE and SCIE, are based on NICE guidelines and quality standards. They cover key points on social care topics that are relevant to specific audiences. This new format has been developed in response to feedback from the social care sector. The report indicated that they prefer information about improving services to be easily accessible, concise and visually appealing. The guides are available online and also as PDFs.

This new quick guide includes a fully interactive web resource and will be of interest to practitioners as well as parents who want to know more about supporting young people through transition.

Transition Event

My Family, Our Needs organises a full conference and exhibition on the subject of supporting young people through transition. 2017’s Transition Event East was held on 15th November at The Holiday Inn, Peterborough West. The agenda explored the key transition topics of education, EHCPs, navigating social services, employment, housing, benefits and more. Tickets are available. Go to our Transition event section to see more information on future events.