Round One Nominations

Round one nominations for the 2022 BAPS Awards are now open!

Nominate your favourite blogger, a parent, an organisation, or even yourself for one of our awards – everyone’s welcome and we’ve a category for almost everything!

When it comes to the categories, we’ve made some changes. Don’t worry, we still have the awards you are used to, but also have some new ones up for grabs. Check them out below. Entries close 1st July.

Best Use of Media

A category for parents and carers who use social media to share their experiences. Whether its YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope or Podcasts, they tell things in their own way and do not have a blog site.

Blog Post with Biggest Impact

This is the category for a blog post written within 12 months of the nominations opening which has made an impact on you. It may have made you cry, laugh or decide to take action but it definitely stayed with you long after reading it.


This category recognises someone who has just started blogging in the 18 months before nominations opened- and they are getting noticed already.

The Truth About SEND

This category celebrates bloggers who write about the reality of SEND. Someone who doesn’t just share the good times or the bad times but someone who tells it like it is and you can relate to.

Community Support

Which local groups makes a difference to you and your family’s lives? Is there an organisation who has gone above and beyond during COVID-19 or perhaps provided additional support around mental health and wellbeing? The winner of this category could be a national group who in turn run regional groups, or smaller parent led groups who meet for coffee or have an online group for support.

Mental Health Champion

Looking after our mental health and well-being can be challenging, whether that be our own mental health or our child’s mental health.  This category recognises the work of an individual or organisation who is working to help those affected with mental health problems and offers that all-important support exactly when it is needed.

Making a Difference

This category recognises organisations and individuals who actively campaign for the SEND community. Whether they are campaigning for an established campaign or just starting out- they will be working towards making a difference to disabled children and their families.

Bloody Awesome Parent

This category is for someone who doesn’t blog but deserves recognition for what they do or have done. It could be the mum who runs a support group, a dad who set up an inclusive club, or parents who set up a much-needed free school or have been working on behalf of parents in the background for years.

Championing SEND

This category is for an individual who has gone above and beyond for you and your family. This could be someone who works with your child at school, a mentor who has encouraged you and your family to try something new, or someone who has made something possible which seemed hopeless before. Shine a spotlight on that person! This is your chance to say a big thank you. 

Educating Education

This category is open to both parents and non-parents. Whether you want to celebrate a SENCO or teacher who goes above and beyond or a fellow home-schooler who shares tips and advice. This award is for anyone who makes parents realise there is hope for their child. Nominees should be working within an education setting or delivering education and/or tips themselves.

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