BAPS Award Winners 2018

The BAPS Awards are now done for another year. Congratulations to all our wonderful winners. Be sure to check out their blogs to see what makes them such bloody awesome parents.

Best Practical Advice for Families

Autism Kids on Tour – Autism Without Limits – Star Harford

“Brilliant practical help posts and ones that raise awareness in section on blog “autism specific posts”. The post that spoke to me most was “lets talk about meltdown and shutdown for a minute” “  

Star Harwood of Autism Kids on Tour - Autism Without Limits collecting her BAPS award

Most Entertaining Blog

Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat – Tina Medlock

“When I was at a very low and very confused point with my son I got in touch with Tina after finding and following her blog and she responded immediately. From reading her posts and speaking to her I realised that what she wrote was what I needed to read at that point in time and it helped hugely.”  

Tina from Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat on stage with Gethin Jones and CEO of Eden Futures

Blog Post that made the Biggest Impact

Little Mama Murphy: Dear Doctor – Emma Murphy

“Emma’s youngest son Hugh is 7 and is a swan (syndrome without a name). He is one of many undiagnosed children in the UK as his condition has never been seen before.  He also suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. Emma’s blogs are thought provoking,  inspirational and have brought tears to my eyes many times.”  

Little Mama Murphy accepts her BAPS Award for Blog Post That Made the Biggest Impact 

Best Microblogger

Autism from a Dad’s Eye View – Kevin O’Neill

“Kevin O’Neil is one amazing dad.  His Facebook page, Autism. From a Dads Eye View, has thousands of followers.  He is blunt, cheerful, caring, and is a proud autism dad.  Kevin is raising two autistic boys and does so with pride and determination. This family and dad deserve recognition for the amazing way they do life. “ 

Kevin from a Dad's Eye View rocks out with Gethin Jones and Emma Waldron


Living with Lennon – Nikki Lancaster

“I have been reading Nikki’s blog for 11 months now and I have to say that this is probably the most heartfelt and informative blog I have ever read. She writes with such passion and it has given me a real ‘fly on the wall’ experience into a life that I would never of experienced or understood. ” 

Nikki who blogs at Living with Lennon on stage with Gethin Jones and the representative from Room to Reward collecting her BAPS Award for best newcomer

Blogger Making a Difference

Born at the Right Time – Rachel Wright

“Rachel writes with openness and integrity and I have seen how her words have bright real healing and hope to people who are on the same life path to her own.”  

Rachel Wright, Born at the Right Time on stage with Gethin Jones and Sarah Maguire of Choice Support

Most Supportive SEND Blogger

Stories About Autism – James Hunt

“James: His boundless courage, his utter honesty, his authentic self, his transparency, his unshakeable optimism, his deep vulnerability, his never-ending love for Jude and Tommy. ”  

James Hunt, Stories About Autism collects his award for Most Supportive SEND Blogger from Gethin Jones and Potens CEO

Bringing Us Together Special Recognition Award

Emma Murphy and Janet Williams (FACS Association)

This year we also had an extra accolade to give out – the Bringing Us Together Special Recognition Award. This one-off award was to recognise and celebrate the hard work of Emma Murphy and Janet Williams (FACS Association).  

Emma Murphy and Janet Williams of FACS Association on stage with Debs and JKatie from bringing us together 

A fabulous night was had by all and we hope to make next years awards even better. If you want to stay in the loop about the BAPS Awards sign up to My Family, Our Needs and we’ll notify you when nominations open for 2019.

Thanks to our sponsors and everyone else who contributed to the night – it wouldn’t have been possible without your help!

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