About BAPS

About the Awards

We know, we know – there are loads of blogging awards, so why do we need another one? Well, none of those awards recognises parents and carers of children with additional needs. We think this needs to change.

If mainstream blogging awards do include SEND bloggers, they tend to be put into the ‘inspiring’ categories. Honestly, most parents tire of being inspirational.

The BAPS allow SEND bloggers to be recognised for their talents, their stories and their families – from the everyday to the exceptional. They showcase the valuable contribution SEND bloggers make in raising awareness of additional needs, both within the SEND community and the wider society.

These awards celebrate Bloody Awesome Parents and this year, we’ve broadened our horizons and included new categories to recognise the people who may not be blogging, but are still battling for good in the SEND world.

The BAPS Story

Once upon a time, there was a group of parents. They weren’t just any parents, they were parents who often:

  • Had little or no sleep.
  • Had to give up their jobs to attend appointments.
  • Needed to learn a whole new language of acronyms, sign language or braille.
  • Learnt how to stand up to big organisations.
  • Became self-taught experts on the law, education, social care and health.

These parents, are Bloody Awesome Parents.

Over a glass of wine or two (how all the best ideas start), Debs from Bringing Us Together and My Family, Our Needs decided to join forces to create something that recognises these Bloody Awesome Parents. Debs mentioned the lack of a dedicated SEND blog awards and so the BAPS was born.

Get Involved

If someone you know deserves a bit of recognition, you can nominate them for a BAPS Award (follow us on social for updates on next year) – you can even nominate yourself! And check out our previous winners here.