This category recognises excellent newcomers. A person who started blogging in the 18 months before nominations opened.

A Boy Less Ordinary

A window on my bumpy journey as a parent: helping my neurodiverse son navigate the world, empowering myself with knowledge of autism and PDA and redefining my understanding of parenting.

Neurodiverse Adventures

Welcome to our Neurodiverse Family! We have been on one big journey discovering our true authenticity. We would love to share our adventures with you creating a space for neurodiversity. Hold on and sit tight in this Big Adventure!

Our Life Loving Lucas

The life of Lucas living with Down Syndrome and the journey he takes it on.

The Parker Family

Identical twins diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Hypermobility, Social Communication Disorder & Rare Chromosomal Deletion 15q11.2, sharing our journey on the spectrum

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