This category recognises excellent newcomers – a person who started blogging in the 12 months before nominations opened.

Autism Aware Bears

Autism Aware Bears start conversations about Autism and raise awareness. Share pictures, maps and adventures of your time with our autism aware bears that you’ve either been gifted or that you’ve found.

Feeling Upside Down

Isobel has Down Syndrome. This was a post natal diagnosis. In other words the DS came out of nowhere and totally blindsided me. My friends encouraged me to write down what was in my head. So this is it. Welcome to my head.

A Curious Journey

This blog helps parents of children on the autistic spectrum prepare for their next holiday or day out so that everyone feels confident to try new things and the family can enjoy their time together.

PDA Bubble

I am a parent to an autistic dynamo and blog about autism, girls with a PDA profile and mental health.

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