Blog post with biggest impact

Irwin Mitchell

Blog post written within 12 months of the nominations opening which has made an impact. It could have made you cry, laugh or take action but it stays with you long after reading it.

Faith Mummy – The reasons I don’t like people

Some people like lots of friends and team sports and doing lots of activities with others. I am not like that at all. I quite like my own company. I don’t really like people at all to be honest.

MS Parent Advocate – Inclusion

A decent Plan, when used appropriately, reduces the guesswork, ensures as close to a smooth transition as is humanly possible and has the potential to improve the prospects of the child immeasurably.

The Learning Curve – The Principles of a No Demand Approach 

I stopped asking my 10 year old son to bath or brush his hair or eat or telling him when to go to bed. I stopped demanding please and thank you, be good, talk to relatives. We talk and we share and we make the effort to understand each other and work collaboratively.

Down Right Joy – If the cap fits

Today I went into battle. On the front line. I pushed back into enemy territory. My efforts were resisted but I persevered.  I took ground that was being strongly defended. I claimed it for my severely Dyspraxic child who needed a service that was being denied.

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