Best use of media

Best use of media

Parents who use social media – YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook stories, Facebook Live, Periscope, Podcast or similar to share their experiences. They don’t have to have a blog site.

Let’s Talk Autism Podcast

Let’s Talk Autism is a friendly chat between parents of autistic children, sharing their journeys and experiences. Autism – Until Everyone Understands.

Stories about Autism

Stories about everyday life raising two boys with autism. Written from a dad’s point of view 🙂

Safiyya, Ashley and Azaylia

Our beautiful daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain was just eight weeks old when we got the heartbreaking news that she had been diagnosed with AML Leukaemia.

The Nurse Mum

Single-mama and biggest cheerleader to a bubbly medically complex Jaxon who often steals the show and your heart but now lives in Heaven.

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