Round 1 – Nominations

Nominations are closed. Voting will open in 2019

Not sure what the BAPS Awards are all about? Check out our round up of the 2018 Awards Ceremony to find out.

Best Newcomer

A person who started blogging in the 12 months before nominations opened.

The truth about SEND

Blogger who writes about the reality of SEND. Someone who doesn’t just share the good times or the bad times, someone you can relate to.

Blog post with biggest impact

Blog post written within 12 months of the nominations opening which has made an impact. It could have made you cry, laugh or take action but it stays with you long after reading it.

Blogger Making a Difference

Someone who uses their blog to actively campaign or to make a difference to a specific aspect of life. 50% of their content in the last 12 months must be about their campaign or goal to make a difference.

NEW Travel and Accessibility

Blogger who writes about travelling and/or accessibility, who share advice and tips on making the world accessible for their families, both in the home and in the community. This is not for those who are campaigning for better accessibility (they should be nominated in the Making a Difference category).

NEW Bloody Awesome Parent of the year (Non-blogger)

Someone who doesn’t blog but deserves recognition for what they are doing or have done. It could be the mum who runs a support group, a dad who set up an inclusive sports club or parents who set up a much needed free school.

NEW Wellbeing Blogger

Blogger who writes about the health and wellbeing of their child or themselves. Sharing tips, advice or just their story to help others.

NEW Best use of media

Parents who use social media – YouTube, Instagram Stories, Facebook stories, Facebook Live, Periscope, Podcast or similar to share their experiences. They do not have to have a blog site.


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