Gemma's son Thomas

This week marks the 5th Global Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week. Raising awareness, offering support to families and spreading the word about Rare Chromosome Disorder are all high on the agenda, as well as celebrating all the unique children and adults affected by the disorder and their achievements.

How to get involved

Unique charity are asking as many people as possible to get involved with the week and spread the word about living with rare chromosome and gene disorders. Each day of the week has a theme to help people get involved:

  • Motivating Monday – a day to shout about your or your child’s achievements
  • Telling Tuesday – tell people about rare chromosome and gene disorders and what life’s like with them
  • Warrior Wednesday – recognise someone who has gone the extra mile to support you or your family
  • Thankful Thursday – focus on the positives; let everyone know what you have to be thankful for
  • Funday Friday – have some fun spreading awareness and doing some fundraising; eat cakes, dress down and get involved!
  • Support Saturday – encourage people to donate to Unique to help the support continue

To support Telling Tuesday, we asked Mum Gemma Woodward to tell us her story and how Rare Chromosome Disorder affects her son Thomas and the whole family.

Make sure you check back throughout the week to read more about Rare Chromosome Disorder and hear from other families telling their stories to My Family, Our Needs.

Follow the hash tag #RareChromosomeDisorderAwareness on Twitter or drop into Unique’s Facebook page here.Β If you would like to tell us what Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day means to you, emailΒ – we would love to hear from you.