Kassy and her son Kenai who has a rare chromosome disorder

So, we are still trying to raise as much awareness of Rare Chromosome Disorders as possible and today is Thankful Thursday, according to Unique charity’s awareness themes.

The theme is exactly what it says it is and here, we have Mum of 5 Kassy tell us all about her son Kenai, who has a 7Q deletion. This means that when he was conceived, Kenai’s second copy of chromosome 7 somehow missed wrapping together and he is also missing over 100 genes.

Head over to Kassy’s blogΒ to read more about her story, but as she says, ‘I don’t wait for the ‘what if’s’ of a scary medical diagnosis, I wait for the triumphs and miracles that are in front of us, that we are watching first hand unfold in our home on a daily basis.’

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