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Salutem’s objective is to become the leading provider of care, education and support for disabled people and for people with learning disabilities and complex needs.

Here, they share how they supported one young man to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

We had a young man come to us with serious issues with aggression and destructive behaviour as he didn’t know how to process his anger. He didn’t have a good relationship with his family and was very withdrawn when it came to interacting with others. He stayed with us at Orchard House for four years.

We we worked with him to pinpoint what made him angry or caused him to become aggressive, and then tried to find new outlets for these emotions. As he was non-verbal, we spent time learning how to use communication aids so that he could constructively communicate his emotions, wants and needs both with us, and others. Over time, he settled really well into his home and created positive relationships with all the staff.

A place to call home

At Orchard House, we provided him with a secure and safe home environment where he could grow and progress in life. When it came to the point that he was moving into adult care, we wanted to ensure we created as smooth a transition as possible into a home that would provide him with exactly the same kind of personal and high quality care. It was also important to us that he stayed close to his family who he had built a great new relationship with while with us, and that his new home would fully understand his needs and continue the learning and development that we had started with him.

A smooth transition

That’s why we transferred him to one of Salutem’s adult care services that was close to his parents and family. Furthermore, as it was one of our own services, this meant we could still engage with him and work together between homes to keep up the good progress he had been making.

We were able to move everything that made him comfortable at his children’s home to his new adult home and ensured a simple, smooth and positive transitional care experience.

Salutem provide a range of learning disability services, physical disability services, children’s services, education services, mental health and autism services. Find out more about them here.