Award winning, not-for-profit enterprise, S4I Ltd are the force behind the S4I Independence App. In a nutshell, it’s an app that allows people to be more independent and less reliant on others, promoting independence and confidence in their lives. 

Here, Craig Aitkin explains a little more about the app, its features and how it has helped the people he supports.

The independence app was designed by vulnerable adults, for vulnerable adults, to support them to gain independence. The app is a one-stop-shop that enables individuals to be independent with activities most people take for granted.

The app originated as a flash in the pan comment as the staff had an app for work for s4iltd. From this comment, we explored what they would like on an app and this grew from there. We firstly explored what would be on it, how it would look and function. Everyone wanted it to be real so no complicated ways of accessing the features. They chose the colours from our logo and we searched for a platform to build it on. By searching and watching videos we built what you see today.

Helping you feel more independent

The app helps people to feel more independent. Its different features allow the user to stop relying on others as much. It’s just basic things, catching the bus, life skills, counting change, and most importantly feeling safe where ever they go, knowing they can access a safe place at a push of a button.

Most people don’t have care every day all day. When you want to cook or meal plan use the app to access recipes with written, pictorial and audio instructions. No computer voice, it is our voices speaking over the app itself. Another classic example is when someone goes to a pub or café, they want a coffee and cake but are not sure if they have enough! With the counting change feature you can select the coins you have in your pocket and it will tell you what you have. Alternatively, you can also check the change given back to you. There are lots of other features but it’s probably best to download the app, trial it and watch the tutorials.

Those who have used the app have reported they feel happier cooking, are better with money, and more confident in accessing the community using the buses and keep safe features. They have also commented that the police feature has given them a better understanding of their rights, the laws, and how and what to report. This feature is animated and audio.

s4i independent app change counting feature
Counting change feature
s41 app cooking function
Access recipes
map function
Stay safe

The app and where to get it

Additional apps or features are already underway. These will be free when you subscribe for £1.99 per year. We are also working on a sign language feature, real skills feature- teaching you real skills that you can use at home, work, or for fun including, robotics, electronics, mechanics, woodwork, and more.
We value customer feedback. There is an area to leave feedback on the app and we review this and make changes to suit all. We charge an annual subscription to enable us to keep it running and improve it. We are a not-for-profit organisation, so we don’t get funding. What started as an app for those supported by Support 4 Independence Ltd, has grown. The S4I App is available for everyone, both young and old.

Find the app by searching for IBuddy or Independence App on the app stores. You get a 7-day free trial then the subscription starts and renews automatically.