Expert Advice - Getting detail from experts in EHCPs

My Family, Our Needs is delighted to announce that we will have a lawyer on board with us for the next month or two as our SEND expert. Answering each question we receive from parents about their child’s education, topics can include anything that matters to you and your family.

Ed Duff, who works as a Senior Associate Lawyer at HCB Widdows Mason Ltd, is a SEND expert and has attended many of our Transition Events, where he is always one of the most popular people in the room. We know from our events that there is never enough time in the day to answer all the questions parents have about their child’s education so we hope this opportunity helps as many families as possible.

Every few weeks we will send Ed all the questions we have received so far and once he has come back to us with the answers, we will turn it into one article. If any parents have a particularly complex situation or would prefer to keep their question private, that’s not a problem. We will still email you your answer but we won’t include it in the feature if you would prefer us not to. Just let us know.

Remember, you can email us, comment at the bottom of this page or DM us. However you choose to get in touch, we will let you know we have received your question.

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With thanks to Ed Duff for taking the time to help My Family, Our Needs and our readers. You can find out more about Ed here.