The truth about SEND

Blog sharing the reality of life with SEND – the highs and lows with no holds barred. The finalists for this blog will be put to the public vote.

Don’t Be Sorry

This is Oscar. He’s my son. He also happens to have Down Syndrome. I know I am only one voice but I figure it’s time to diminish any misconceptions or prejudices about Down Syndrome, that we might have…

Love, Belief and Balls

I am 55 years old. I am the father of a 24 year old man with autism. I work as a counsellor and advocate. I support Leeds United FC. I used to be a bodybuilder. I am sad that I will never hear a new Beautiful South album. I don’t like bananas.

My Kid Loves Broccoli

This blog charts the journey and adventures of a rather scrumptious (if I do say so myself) and incredibly inspiring little girl called Hannah, who has a rare genetic condition called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and whose favourite food is broccoli (hence the title!)

Stories about Autism

Hi, I’m James, and I’m lucky enough to be the dad of the two main characters of this blog, Jude and Tommy. Both of my sons are autistic, and it is our stories that I will be sharing with you.

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