If you’re inconsolable about Game of Thrones finishing and bored of hearing the F word (no, not that one – football), you need some good telly to get your teeth into. The My Family, Our Needs team have compiled a round-up of some of the best things we’re watching right now. It’s time to put the kettle on, forget about the football and get comfy.

Happy Valley – Netflix

If you missed it first time round, the first series of this British crime drama is now showing on Netflix. Featuring an amazing performance by Sarah Lancashire playing Yorkshire police sergeant Catherine Cawood, the gripping drama all starts when a kidnap spirals out of control. Love a strong female lead? This one’s for you.

Gogglesprogs – Channel 4

With a format identical to Gogglebox but a completely different tone, watching telly through the eyes of kids aged 4 to 12 is an hour of pure, innocent comedy and charm. With their unique takes on programmes ranging from Take Me Out to Countdown, they even tell you what they think about Donald Trump.

Thirteen – BBC iPlayer

This debut series opens with a dishevelled young woman escaping a suburban house before phoning the police and claiming she was abducted 13 years ago on her way to school. With this one, the plot really does thicken.

The Great British Sewing Bee – BBC 2

Even if you haven’t been watching so far, this series is still a great one to tune into in the later stages just to see how hard the tasks are! This week was all about the alteration challenge, which involved transforming a duvet cover into high fashion. Impossible? Apparently not.

Reg – BBC iPlayer

Written by Jimmy McGovern, the man who brought us the gritty crime drama Cracker in the 90s, this drama features Tim Roth, playing the lead character. Based on the true story of Reg Keys, the father of a royal military policeman, who took on the British Prime Minister over Britain’s participation in the Iraq War.

Catastrophe – All 4 and Amazon Prime

This one comes with a bad language alert, but it’ll have you actually LOL’ing. Follow Sharon and Rob’s relationship from their one-night stand, which results in Sharon getting pregnant, to…well, we’re not giving it away.