21st March 2020 • Emma Cooper

Today is World Down’s syndrome Day 2020. The Wouldn’t Change A Thing campaign this year is called ‘What Do You See’ and aims to highlight the individuality of people with Down’s syndrome.

The beginning of Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Two years ago, a video called 50 Mums, 50 Kids, 1 Extra Chromosome became an online phenomenon. It was launched to mark World Down’s syndrome Day 2018 and, to date, has had in excess of 450 million views. It had such a positive impact on modernising mainstream perceptions of the condition that the people behind the video went on to start an organisation to continue the mission. The projects created by Wouldn’t Change A Thing since its creation have been uplifting, emotive and positive and have asked people to see people with Down’s syndrome as individuals, colleagues, employees and class mates.

Resources and guidance

As well as small projects designed to challenges perceptions, Wouldn’t Change A Thing also have resources on their website for parents, including those who have just received a diagnosis, whether pre or post-natal. The team behind the organisation are all parents of children with Down’s syndrome and know that, sometimes, medical professionals often provide their information in the form of medical statistics and ‘risks’ which can leave parents feeling worried and afraid. The ‘pros’ are much more difficult to capture as a handful of bullet points. Wouldn’t Change A Thing aims to capture the happiness and joy of families who have a child with Down’s syndrome in the form of parent stories so that those starting out on their journey can read, enjoy and feel inspired by the positive experiences and joyful moments.

Get involved

Wouldn’t Change A Thing is asking people to join in with today’s campaign and share their photos, videos and stories using the hashtags #WhatDoYouSee #ISee #WDSD2020 and #WouldntChangeAThing