Royal Courts of Justice High Court abortion law case

23rd September 2021 • My Family Our Needs

The High Court rules against any change in the law lowering the termination limit from full term for a diagnosis of Down Syndrome to the standard 24 weeks.

Back in July, campaigner Heidi Crowter, went to the High Court to attempt to change the law surrounding the abortion of babies with Down’s Syndrome. In England, Scotland and Wales, terminations are permitted beyond the general 24-week time limit if there is ‘substantial risk’ that the child will be born with a serious physical or mental disability. Pregnant women can stop the birth of a severely disabled baby up to 36+ weeks without any reason.

Heidi Crowter, 26, from Coventry, brought the case against the government saying the law did not respect her life, and her lawyers argued the legislation was unlawfully discriminatory. Sadly, Judges today ruled against Heidi.

Heidi, while disappointed by the court’s decision, who has vowed not to give up. She will now seek to appeal the judgement.

Stay up to date with the case and hear directly from Heidi, via her Twitter and dedicated campaigning page