Transition Event Online

6th November 2020 • My Family Our Needs

My Family Our Needs’ Transition Event moves online.

The current Coronavirus pandemic means that most things have changed. However, what hasn’t is the need to support young disabled people.

Parents and young people have always come to our Transition Events looking for answers to their questions or issues, and we’ve always worked our hardest to help everyone leave with answers. This is something we will continue to do. However, this year, we will be doing it a little differently.

Virtual event

This year, instead of a physical event, we will be bringing you the Transition Event Online Hub. A dedicated space on our website, the hub will bring together information, real-life stories and live webinars from expert speakers.

COVID-19 has had a way of pushing things to the side this year, but we are choosing to see this move as a positive one. We hope our online hub will capture more information and resources, and make these more available. What’s more, accessing the hub is free and you can do so from the comfort of your own home! #NoTravelNecessary!

What do I expect?

The Transition Event Hub aims to meet the needs of young people and those who support them.

Covering the same topics you would find if you attended our traditional Transition Event, the main stage is the main event! Here you will find live webinars via Zoom focusing on navigating transition, housing, education, and EHCPs. The Main Stage live webinars will all take place Friday 20th November.

In addition to the mainstage, you will find a selection of other zones with supporting information and resources you can access which will all be live Monday 16th November.

A place to find advice

The Transition Event Hub will be packed with experts talking on all aspects of life for disabled young people. What’s more, we’ve created a special zone called Ask Our Speakers, where you can submit your own specific questions.

If we can’t get you an answer right away, we’ll get you details of someone who may be able to help.

A place for you

Our Hub will also feature a Life Stories zone, and Young People’s zone where you can find accounts from other parents, and hear advice from young disabled people in their own words.

How do I get involved?

Simple. All you need to do is register for the event on the Hub homepage. It’s totally free, and you will receive joining instructions for the Zoom webinars taking place on 20th November via email. The rest of the Hub and it’s information will go live on the 16th November.

In these strange times, support is more necessary than ever, so we hope you’ll join us from the 16th November for the Transition Event Online.