baps awards 2021 nominations

5th July 2021 • My Family Our Needs

We are delighted to share the long list (and it is long!) of nominations for the 2021 Baps Awards.

It’s excellent to once again see so many nominations. Check out the full list below.

Our Life loving Lucas – @OurlifelovinglucasT21journey

The Nurse Mum – @thenursemum

Allsorts Support Services CIC – allsorts

Claire Dainty –

Give Us A Break –

A and Me blog –

SNAP Parent Carer Forum Central Bedfordshire –

Vaila Morrison –

Adelle Spindlove (A Foot in Each Camp) –

Kids on Tour – Autism Without Limits –

Adventures of Azaan –

The Parkers Way –

Calm a Mind –

Chayce and Remii –

Educating Ella (Instagram) –

Justice for Matthew Leahy – Melanie Leahy, Matthew’s Campaign –

Miss Walshe –

Mr Black, the SEND Dad –

Little Puddins –

A Curious Journey –

First Time Valley Mam

Our Neurodivergent Life –

Neurodiverse Adventure –

Not Fine In School –

Janet Willicott –

The SEND VCB Project –

Making Chromosomes Count –

Sarah Chapman at Operation Diversity –

Yvonne Taylor, Positively ASD –

Unique –

Sarah Lewis –

Stories About Autism –

Del Punter, The Autism and ADHD Diaries –

Karen Stepanova, The Nurture Programme –

Emma Murphy (Emma4facs) –

Sam Bowen –

Bristol Autism Support –

Kate Laine-Toner, Bristol Autism Support –

Coraline and Us –

A Boy Less Ordinary –

Anita Ruggeri, Siblings Siblies –

CP & Me – Archies Story –

Better to be Different –

Champions Of Autism Spectrum Together (COAST Autism) –

SEND Socials Birmingham –

Transport Sparks –

Cara Devaney, Lyla’s Angels –

PDA Parenting –

Sensational Learning with Penguin –

Steph’s Two Girls –

Jodie Sydney, Something about Sam –

Fullerians Warriors –

Carla, Cameron’s Smile –

Education on Education –

Louise Bostock –

Safiyya Vorajee –

Sen Warrior Mum –

Let’s Talk Autism Podcast –

Martha Smith Parent Advocate –

Skylarks –

Sophie Smart, Super Siblings –

The Autism Page –

Our Autism Travels –

Sade – @justjose16

Eleanor Griffiths, Parent

Jimmy Brentnall, Parent

Laura Bell, Parent

Sarah McKendrick & Patsy Haley, SENCO & Assistant SENCO      

Carol Conway, Parent

Sue Clarke, Tutor    

The Passable Parent –

Claire Stewart, The Special Lioness –

A Little Bit Social –

INFACT / FACSA, national Valproate Campaign –

Laura Kerbey, PAST –

Angela Gaughan, Potential Kids –

Kirsty Green, Snap Parent Carer Forum –

Spitting Yarn –  

Nominations will soon be with our fabulous judges and the final 4 finalists will be announced when the public vote opens on Friday 13th August.

Why not book your ticket for the Awards Ceremony to celebrate with us – in person! We are at a sparkly new venue and have an amazing host. Take advantage of our early bird booking by booking now, we’d love for you to join us. Tickets are refundable or transferable if you are announced as a finalists.