BAPS 2019 – Wellbeing Blogger nominations

Ahead of the finalists shortlist being announced and the vote opening, we thought we’d have a gander at who was nominated for an award.

Nominations for Wellbeing blogger

On day 3 we look at another new category for 2019, Wellbeing Blogger. And here are your nominees…

Autism Mumma

Peace with PDA

Hannah Meadows

It’s a Tink Thing

Frankie Says Relax about T21

Grumpy Dad

A Life Less Ordinary with Autism

Yvonne Newbold

Mummy Tries

You, Me and ADHD

Coffee & Glow

Ojo’s World

Steph’s Two Girls

Coraline and Us

Stories About Autism

Our judges are currently doing their judging thing – no easy feat with such great nominees – and we’ll have their finalists shortlists back soon! Don’t forget the finalists will be announced when the final vote opens on the 18th February.

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