21st January 2019 • Emma Cooper

Starting today, we’ll be announcing the long list of nominations for the 2019 BAPS Awards.

Did you make the list? Was your favourite blogger on there? Check out who was nominated.

BAPS 2019 nominations for best newcomer

Today we reveal the nominations for Best Newcomer. Always an exciting category – we love finding out about new bloggers.

Here are your notable newbies:

Mumma Birds Boy

Autism Aware Bears

A Dash of PDA – Ramblings of an Autism Mum

Ryan’s Voice through AAC

Feeling Upside Down

The Learning Curve

PDA bubble

A Curious Journey

There you have it. All very worthy nominees – feel sorry for our judges who have to shortlist them! The judges will return their decisions shortly, then the final 4 will go to the public vote which opens 18th February 2019.