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Naidex partners with My Family, Our Needs for 2017 event of the year

9th March 2017

Naidex is thrilled to partner with My Family Our Needs for the 2017 event that leads the way for the disability and independent living sector. The 43rd instalment of the event has been designed to be the most comprehensive and exciting exhibition and conference dedicated to disability and independent living yet.

This year, Naidex has put a strong focus on children with additional needs and the 28th, 29th and 30th of March will bring together legal, sleep, postural, and SEN experts to make this an unmissable event for anyone caring for or raising a child with an impairment or disability.

Who will be there?

Lesley Herbertson from Potter Rees Dolan is an expert in medical negligence where children have suffered brain injury at birth that could manifest as a disability later in life. Lesley will be speaking about the differences between a regular birth and one where an error has been made.

CEO of The Children’s Sleep Charity, Vicki Dawson, will be speaking about different sleep support strategies and outlining where sleep issues come from in children with additional needs. She will be touching on the effects of melatonin in sleep cycles and giving tips and strategies to try at home. 

Holly Jenkins, GM of Jiraffe working in conjunction with BHTA, is an expert in how the posture of children can cause, or alternatively relieve, pain. Dedicated to changing the lives of children in the UK through making sure that the right equipment is used to minimize pain and increase function, Holly’s talk will address if the UK has been failing children with disabilities.

Im Rahman of Inquisitive Services Solutions will be discussing the need in SEN teaching to prepare children for the workplace. Im believes that the SEN sector needs to be sure that they are preparing children for a life outside of the education system and that the work force needs to be ready to hire them. Im’s workshop will break this down and lay it out from both the educational and employment sides.

How can I book?

The event’s comprehensive seminar schedule provides an unparalleled level of education, guidance, and inspiration and each session is delivered by an expert recognised for the influential work and achievement in their field.

For all the information you need, and to be part of this remarkable show, simply visit the website and book your free ticket today.

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