MFON Megastars

Putting young people in the spotlight

About the Awards

Through our work with parents and professionals to help them support young disabled people, My Family, Our Needs has realised one thing. The challenges, the setbacks and the struggles faced by parents are everything to do with barriers and nothing to do with their child.

There are young disabled people out there doing extraordinary things and we have created MFON Megastars to shout about it. Whether they have defied the odds with bravery and strength or sang and danced their way through their hardest times, our new awards ceremony celebrates the spirit of the SEND community through the eyes of its most important members; young disabled people.

MFON Megastars is inclusive and inspiring. We know that there is often a special person or group who has helped a young disabled person achieve what matters to them, so we have an award for them too. Marvellous mentors are one in a million and they also deserve to be recognised.

How to enter

It’s easy to nominate someone for the MFON Megastars. All it takes is entering their name and letting us know why you think they deserve an award. Click here to nominate.

Winners will be announced later in the year via a virtual event. Details of which will be confirmed soon.