Promoting independence, Transforming lives

Precious Homes delivers community support to young people and adults (16+) with autism spectrum conditions, learning disabilities, mental health needs and behaviour which may be described as challenging. Our aim is to promote independence and to enable people to transform their lives.

We offer a range of support services at Precious Homes, including:

  • Supported living.
  • Supported living plus.
  • Community, outreach and rehabilitative support in the community.

The aim of our support is to create pathways for people, so that they can move from intensive support, perhaps requiring 24-hour care, to receiving significantly less support as their skills, independence and confidence increase. To achieve this, we provide bespoke support, tailored to individual needs.

The key goal, no matter what service type, is to empower people to live as independently as possible and to include them in all decisions about their lives. Our teams are highly motivated, trained and supported to work in a structured and time-focused way. Teams provide people with a pathway to develop the skills they need to successfully move on to greater independence.

Developing outcome-focused support that is person-centred is one of the most important aspects of our service delivery for people with learning disabilities and autism. This means our team members recognise each person’s uniqueness and individual needs.

We work with our service users to develop their person-centred support plans, unique to them and their individual needs, preferences and outcomes. These are identified through a strengths-based assessment process, capturing the abilities, aspirations and identified needs unique to them. The result is a support plan that encourages individuals to access new activities, reflective of their needs, current skills and interests.

Goals are based on people’s specific needs and abilities, always with a focus on empowering each person to fulfil their maximum level of independence, with the aim of them being self-sufficient in all possible areas of their life. We have Person Centred Champions in each service who work with individuals to explore their dreams, goals and aspirations, finding ways to meet these and incorporating them into outcome-focused objectives.

We work across: London, Birmingham, Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes and Torquay, with multiple services offering our three types of support.

We work in line with the transforming care ethos to ensure that we fully understand and can respond to the needs of our commissioning partners. The key focus is on environments and developing services that people need and that can be shaped and personalised to meet their individual needs.

Many individuals we support have stepped down from secure settings into our services and may have sadly experienced previous placement breakdowns. We have some fantastic examples of people who have experienced placement breakdowns in the past, who are now integrated into the community long-term and are being empowered to transform their lives. This includes individuals who have been in crisis or have been moving on from secure or forensic settings.

This article has been paid-for and supplied by our partner:  Precious Homes