This award celebrates those bloggers who write about the health and wellbeing of their child or themselves. Sharing tips, advice or just their story to help others. This category has kindly been sponsored by The Goldsmith Centre.

Mummy Tries

I’m a wife and mama to three navigating my way through motherhood, the autism spectrum and home education, whilst trying to remain sane and always authentic. I’m also a real food enthusiast, wannabee chef and published author.

Coraline and Us

We have a beautiful, captivating and adored baby daughter called Coraline. Born 7 August 2017, we discovered unexpectedly within hours, that she has Down’s Syndrome and two holes in the heart. We did not know anything about Down’s Syndrome when she was born. This blog is about our journey of growth.

Peace with PDA

The chance for transformative change lies literally at your fingertips! I Share EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) aka ‘Tapping’ with parents of Autistic children with a PDA profile, or with high levels of demand avoidance. I find it THE most effective tool for lowering stress & worry levels, and I’ve tried a lot!

It’s a Tink thing

I write about all aspects of life, including parenting children with additional needs, health and well-being, family travel, reviews and more. I’m trying to take better care of myself, and I’m on a mission to help other mums who are in the same boat: tired, unfit, perhaps a bit on the cuddly side…

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