Truth about SEND

Truth about SEND

This category celebrates bloggers who write about the reality of SEND. Someone who doesn’t just share the good times or the bad, but someone you can relate to.

First Time Valley Mam

I started my blog as a bit of an online diary. It’s fast becoming my second baby! When my son was diagnosed with severe autism I decided to try and make note off his progress and struggles. Just an insight into what our little life is like!

Martha Smith Parent Advocate

I write and speak about what it is to be me – the highs and lows of raising my children.  My aim is simply to create understanding between parents and those who are supposed to support us: teachers, practitioners, friends. 

H2Au: the stuff of our life

This is a personal page about our experiences of Autism and other conditions.We are a family that embraces neurodiversity. It is written by me Mrs H. I am not diagnosed as autistic but I have my fair share of hidden conditions.

Yvonne Newbold

Doing whatever it takes to make life easier for special needs families and the staff who work with them.

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