Truth about SEND

This category celebrates bloggers who write about the reality of SEND. Someone who doesn’t just share the good times or the bad times, someone you can relate to. This category is kindly sponsored by Progress Care.

I Am River

I see this blog as a way to give River a voice. There is nothing more important to me than giving my son a voice, in a world that views him as less. Him and every other person who happens to have Down syndrome need and deserve to be heard.

Isla’s Voice

I set up this blog because I wanted to share our journey, raise awareness and help people in our situation. I knew if I could just help one person or change one persons perceptions of autism then this page had served its purpose and I’m pleased to say it has.

Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat

This blog was started to share with you our journey from birth to present, highlighting the highs and lows, hopefully with a touch of humour and reality together with those times that are downright bloody hard.

Stories about Autism

Thinking back to a time before I knew what autism was seems surreal. So much has happened since that I can’t really remember what life was like before. I began this blog to help me become the best parent I could be, to help others, to spread awareness and to speak to others in the world of Autism.

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