Blogger Making a Difference

BAPS began to both celebrate SEND bloggers and raise awareness of additional needs. This category recognises those blogs and bloggers parents feel make a difference – whether this is in an active campaign style or a quieter, but equally needed way. This category has kindly been sponsored by Choice Support

Emma 4 Facs

Raising awareness of FACS Syndrome, a condition in which a baby is affected through its mother taking Anti Epileptic medications during pregnancy.

Frankie Says Relax about T21

Our page is a factual journey of life raising a beautiful girl who just happens to have an added bonus of an extra chromosome. Enjoy!!

Brody Me and GDD

A blog about a beautiful boy with no primary diagnosis. I fell into blogging through writing about a petition, which resulted in Tesco making Junior Nappies!

Our Altered Life

Join us for the highs, lows, hopes, fears, successes and trials of a life less ordinary. Expect there to be laughter, tears, wine and cheese (not always in that order) as I share our journey.

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