Making a Difference

Making a difference

This category recognises organisations and individuals who actively campaign for the SEND community.  Whether they are campaigning for an established campaign or just starting out – they will be working towards making a difference to disabled children and their families.

Sarah Chapman at Operation Diversity

Every day, we are helping our members navigate through the complex world of Special Education Needs (SEN) identification, assessment, support and services. A one-stop shop for all things SEN, making connections, receiving support, acquiring knowledge, accessing tools, inspiration, strength, strategies, resources and specialist training.

Melanie Leahy, #matthewscampaign

Having lost her one and only son, Matthew Leahy, just 20 yrs old,  to a failing mental health system in November 2012, Melanie has not stopped searching for what truly happened. Ten years on Melanie is leading the campaign for a Statutory Public Inquiry into Essex Mental Health Services. Campaigning for Truth, Justice, Accountability & Change to services across the nation.

Emma Murphy (Emma4facs)

Official Campaign & Trust @Infactuk for AEDs in Pregnancy. Raising awareness for Fetal Anti Convulsants Syndrome (FACS).

Sam Bowen

A museum professional and SEND parent, Sam is the force behind #SENDinMuseums, a campaign to get all museums SEND friendly and welcoming.

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