Blogger Making a Difference

Making a difference

BAPS began to celebrate SEND bloggers and raise awareness of additional needs. This category recognises those blogs and bloggers parents feel make a difference – whether this is in an active campaign style or a quieter, but equally needed way.

PDA Parenting

I am a mum to three beautiful girls and this blog looks at specific parenting strategies, resources, events and a space to support one another (as well as being a place to campaign for all things relating to SEND!).

Life of an Ambitious Turtle

I am a 29 year old stay-at-home Mum of 2 precious little girls living in Bolton, Greater Manchester UK, living with a progressive life-limiting muscle wasting condition.My children are my world and my primary focus is spending time and making ever lasting memories as a family.

Stories About Autism

Thinking back to a time before I knew what autism was seems surreal. So much has happened since that I can’t really remember what life was like before. I began this blog to help me become the best parent I could be, to help others, to spread awareness and to speak to others in the world of Autism.

Bethany’s Dad

Jeremy has stood up for his daughter and told the truth via social media, an incredibly brave and difficult thing to do, especially when at a desperate point.

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