Blogger Making a Difference

BAPS began to both celebrate SEND bloggers and raise awareness of additional needs. This category recognises those blogs and bloggers parents feel make a difference – whether this is in an active campaign style or a quieter, but equally needed way. This category has kindly been sponsored by Choice Support

Emma 4 Facs

Raising awareness of FACS Syndrome, a condition in which a baby is affected through its mother taking Anti Epileptic medications during pregnancy. This condition is very similar to Thalidomide which happened in the 1960s, yet we are now faced with thousands more babies with this condition.

Mum On A Mission

When my son William was born, my world changed forever, as it would do when your first baby arrives. But for me it was a change full of more ups and downs than the average new Mum. Because at 4 days old William was diagnosed with brain damage, a diagnosis changed everything.

A Wheelie Great Adventure

This is the story of the adventures of my family. We love days out, exploring different places and trying out different challenges. However my 7 year old daughter has physical and learning disabilities which means that sometimes we have challenges. This blog aims to highlight how her disability means that our world and where we can explore is slowly shrinking.

Born at the Right Time

In 2005, my eldest was born with a bump. He didn’t breathe on delivery and was diagnosed ten weeks later with having severe brain damage. From then, my husband and I hurtled down an unmarked road of loving a child with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. Today I support families like mine and inform the practitioners who care for us 

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