Best Microblogger

Our finalists for the Best Microblogger – those who use Facebook or Instagram to tell their story over a traditional blog.

Autism from a Dad’s Eye View

A look at life living with children who have autism from the perspective of a dad (me)
Fun challenging emotional inspirational amazing eventful.

Stories About Autism

Hi, I’m James, and I’m lucky enough to be the dad of the two main characters of this blog, Jude and Tommy. Both of my sons are autistic, and it is our stories that I will be sharing.

Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat

If you dislike swearing and honesty, than this is not the blog for you. I wanted to provide something that I was looking for myself after Joseph was diagnosed with ASC (hence the title of the page….) I aim to tell it exactly how it is but hope you stick with our colourful journey! 

Little Blue Cup

Marc – also known as GrumpyCarer – started this little project when an internet search for a little blue cup for his son went viral. Fulltime dad and carer to his 3 children, he likes to rant and he likes to support others – he calls it therapy.

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