The Team

Lisa Werthmann

Lisa Werthmann

Director of Creative Operations

The person responsible for keeping the rest of the team in line, Lisa has over 10 years’ experience in the publishing industry. Her knowledge, creativity and passion for filling the information gap for young people and those that care for them makes her the perfect person to steer the My Family, Our Needs ship.

In the little spare time she has, Lisa can be found shopping, travelling to the shops or leaving the shops…..

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Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper


No longer known as ‘the other Emma’, Emma Cooper (or Coops) leads the editorial of My Family, Our Needs. Emma also tweets from the My Family, Our Needs Twitter account. Emma was Lead Writer of Progress and has shaped the tone of this website and is responsible for getting you the content you want.

Some would call Coops the coolest member of the team (some would argue that they’re cooler). All we know is she’s the one to make you divert to an airport to buy socks and likes to eat certain foods in private!

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Leah Adult Picture

Marketing and Events Executive

As the Queen of events, Leah takes the lead on organising The Transition Event and BAPS (amongst many others) and is known for spreading pockets of happiness across the office. She’s the one to go to when you need a blast of positivity to get you through the week. When she’s not organising her fortress of boxes ready for the next event, she’s enjoying her favourite cheese and onion crisps.

Leah is a vegetarian with a passionate hatred of goats cheese tart. She’s an animal lover and sponsors a cow named Pickle and a chicken named Henrietta.

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Jamie Harvey

Jamie Harvey

Studio Manager

Responsible for making the words come to life visually, Jamie makes the website look as good as it does and heads up the visual concepts for the brand. Jamie has created a fresh, new look for My Family, Our Needs, whilst maintaining the spirit of Progress and My Child & Me which he also designed. He is passionate about bringing new ideas to the table and keeping things contemporary.

On a personal note, Jamie (or J as he’s known around here) is working on being a more reliable tea maker in the office. His design team really hope that he achieves his goal by the end of the year.

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Sue Speaight

Sue Speaight

Senior Sales Executive

Consistently the most enthusiastic person in the office about anything and everything. Sue is the chattiest member of the My Family, Our Needs team and loves hearing people’s stories. Without Sue’s hard work connecting with potential supporters of My Family, Our Needs, the website simply wouldn’t exist.

She also brightens up the place with her seriously impressive scarf collection.

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Lulu Hines

Lulu Hines

Digital Marketing Executive

Nominated for both MFON’s messiest desk and biggest potty mouth award. She’s definitely won the first one but she reminds us that Einstein wrote that messy desks are the sign of a genius so who are we to judge!? Lulu is all things digital. Whether its websites or social media she’s your gal! She has a love hate relationship with her computer (this is where the swearing comes in) but it’s safe to say she loves a hashtag!

She joins coops as one of the ladies who tweets from @weareMFON so why not say hello or email at !

Chris Beldam

Chris Beldam

Web Developer

Being the only man in the marketing office, Chris is usually found avoiding the gossip and girly tv chat by supplying us all with tea! Chris grew up dreaming of becoming a footballer but luckily for us, web development is where he found his career. Our newest recruit is responsible for keeping the website up-to-date and confusing us with technical jargon, although it’s probably not hard!

Technical minded? Interested in the latest footy score? Or have a website suggestion? Email