8 top tips for ‘Me Time’

25th May 2016

Running around, sleep deprived, looking after everyone else? Sound familiar? Take some time out with our top tips for some low cost you time.

  1. Set aside time

Whatever is happening in your life, set aside a certain time every day or week to look after yourself. By scheduling time for you you’re more likely to have it and not put it off. It doesn’t have to be the same time but make a date with yourself. Do a workout, watch the football, go for a walk, even catch up on that series on Netflix – it’s your time, do whatever you want to do.

  1. Movie night

Get your favourite movie, stock up on snacks, put your phone on silent and ask your partner, a relative or friend to deal with the children for the duration of the film. You could record your favourite films when they’re on and watch them back later, rent them online, borrow them from your local library or even borrow them off of friends.

  1. Pamper

Whether it’s a manicure, pedicure or face pack, you can turn your home into a mini-spa. Don’t forget this isn’t just for the female family members, dads can unwind too! Fill up your washing up bowl with warm water and a drop of your favourite bath soak or oils and make a foot spa. Buy a face pack for 99p and treat your skin. Massage your hands with a rich hand cream and file your nails. You’ll feel relaxed doing it and taking some time to yourself will make you feel special.

  1. Catch up with friends

Remember that friend you haven’t spoken to for months? Give them a call and have a catch up. Invite friends round or arrange to meet them out or go to them. Ask your partner, parents or another friend to watch the children for a couple of hours. If you have friends online, log into your favourite forum or social media to catch up. Make sure you switch off, don’t talk about the family and reconnect with who you are.

  1. Lose yourself in a book

Do you have a favourite book or one you’ve been meaning to read for a while? Give it a go. The great thing about books is that you can dip in and out of them and they are an easy way to switch off. If you’re a member of your local library, you can pick and choose what you’d like to read.

  1. Bury your head in a mag

If you love magazines, get the most recent issue and catch up on the latest news and features.

  1. Play a game

If computer games are more your thing switch on your PlayStation, X Box, iPad or phone. Load up your favourite game and catch up where you left off. They aren’t just for the kids, they’re for you too – and probably were yours before the kids came along!

  1. Posh coffee

If you can’t get out to your local coffee house, bring it to you. Buy some nice coffee or hot chocolate, make it up, add whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles or anything else you fancy and take 10 minutes to yourself. Watch TV, watch the world go by outside, watch the birds in your garden. Just take some time for you.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is that you take time to switch off and remember who you are. A refreshed and invigorated mum, dad or carer will do you, and your children, the world of good!

What do you do to take a break? Do you have any hints and tips for others? Let us know via Twitter and Facebook and we’ll write a follow up article.

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