Campaigning for Change

With a passion for social change, this blog must have posts detailing what the blogger is campaigning for, why and how they are campaigning. Blog does not have to solely be a campaigning blog.

Emma 4 Facs

Raising awareness of FACS Syndrome, a condition in which a baby is affected through its mother taking Anti Epileptic medications during pregnancy. This condition is very similar to Thalidomide which happened in the 1960s, yet we are now faced with thousands more babies with this condition.

Mum On A Mission

When my son William was born, my world changed forever, as it would do when your first baby arrives. But for me it was a change full of more ups and downs than the average new Mum. Because at 4 days old William was diagnosed with brain damage, a diagnosis changed everything.

Ordinary Hopes

Life presents challenges to us all. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are huge and sometimes they seem insurmountable. Adam has a few more challenges than most. He cannot sit without support and he cannot stand or walk at all. He wants to experience the joys of the entire world though.

The Inclusive Home

I’m an architect with a particular passion for inclusive design and sustainability. I’m not currently practicing as I am also a mum and carer to a gorgeous little girl with significant disabilities (attributed to an undiagnosed neurological condition (read more here), a smiley little boy and two pointy dogs.

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