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Celebrate SEND bloggers and their valuable contribution to raising awareness of additional needs with the BAPS Awards 2018. Be a part of something amazing and start nominating those Bloody Awesome Parents right now using the form at the bottom of this page.

Round 1 Nominations close 17th November.

 Award Categories

Best Newcomer

The best new blog sharing the reality of life with SEND – the highs and lows with no holds barred. The blog must have been started within the last 12 months to qualify (since 6th October 2016).

Best Microblogger

Which SEND blogger is shaking things up and bringing something new to the table through the use of Facebook or Instagram to tell their story, rather than a blog?

Blogger Making a Difference

A blogger who writes to influence change. Who, in their own way, makes a difference but may not actively campaign. They write to raise awareness of issues within the world of SEND that others may not be aware of.

Best Practical Advice for Families

A blog, organisation, network or group offering practical information to families, this could include blogs that you can’t do without for posts on products and life hacks that get you through daily life. New content must be uploaded at least once a month to qualify.

Most Entertaining Blog

Sometimes, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. This award is for the blog that makes you laugh the most. Must have a blog and not be a microblogger to qualify.

Most Supportive SEND Blogger

A special recognition award for a SEND blogger who offers support, either on a practical level (through blogging) or emotional level.

Blog Post that made the Biggest Impact

This can be any SEND post ever written. The one that made you stop, made you think, made you change the way you felt or the action you were taking. The one that you related to most and made you feel less isolated.

Best Non-Parent Blog Site to Write For

The SEND site that takes guest posts, is easy to work with, promotes the posts, communicates well with the writers and offers support to parents and parent bloggers.

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